TarryGels™ Pillows


TarryGels™ are soft gel filled pillows designed to provide a comfortable cushion to meet the support needs of micro-preemie, preemie, and full-term infants. These pillows can help reduce the need for frequent re-positioning or to make immobilized babies more comfortable. Each TarryGel comes with a fully washable, attractive, flame retardant cover. The covers are also available for purchase separately.

T-92332 Small Gel Pillow, 3” X 6” 12/box
T-92335 Medium Gel Pillow, 6” X 6” 12/box
T-92338 Large Gel Pillow, 6” X 9” 12/box
T-92332C Small Gel Pillow Covers, 3” X 6” 50/box
T-92335C Medium Gel Pillow Covers, 6” X 6” 50/box
T-92338C Large Gel Pillow Covers, 6” X 9” 50/box