NeoMed® NeoDrape®

NeoMed® NeoDrape®



The NeoDrape® product line offers effective thermoregulation and barrier protection for patients in Labor and Delivery and NICU’s during sterile procedures. Within the NeoDrape® product offerings are two separate items:

The NeoDrape® (Item # ND) is a sterile wrap that is used to swaddle the newborn patient during delivery through stabilization to maintain proper thermoregulation while minimizing moisture loss.

The NeoDrape® Fenestrated (Item # ND-FS) complies with recommendations set forth in the NANN PICC Guidelines for Practice, 2nd edition Pg 25, step 17: “Place a sterile drape underneath and above the insertion area. Cover as much of the infant as can be safely done while ensuring the ability of adequate observation.”

Features and Benefits of NeoDrape® Item # ND:

  •  Used in the delivery room.
  • Allows for coverage from the back of the head through the top of the head held firm by a cap to minimize rapid heat loss from the head as demonstrated by the Golden Hour.
  • Sterile packaging allows wrap to be placed in sterile field for immediate use during delivery.
  • Measures 24 X 24 inches.

Features and Benefits of NeoDrape® Fenestrated Item # ND-FS:

  • Complies with new NANN PICC guidelines for Practice, 2nd edition: Pg 25, step 17.
  • Used during sterile procedures.
  • Fenestration allows for easy placement and removal over surgical site.
  • Measures 32 X 50 inches creating a large sterile field from side rail to side rail.
  • Has adhesive strips on both sides to allow for easy securement to drop side bassinet.
Product Code Product Description Quantity
ND NeoDrape® Occlusive Drape/Wrap 50/Case
ND-FS NeoDrape® Fenestrated and Perforated Drape/Wrap 40/Case
Catheterization Tray Including NeoDrape®
CT Catheterization Tray – No Catheter 5/Case
CT- NS Catheterization Tray – No Catheter, No Saline 5/Case
NeoDrape® Fenestrated is packaged inside our Catheterization Trays for UAC/UVC insertion