Closed System NeoBottle™

Closed System NeoBottle™

Closed System NeoBottle™

NeoMed has set a higher standard in milk preparation, storage and delivery by designing the first closed collection storage system allowing parents and nurses to safely and effectively manage both formula and human breast milk (HBM). Our new NeoBottle features a unique movable floor technology which enables parents and clinician to store and deliver contents without exposure to room or ambient air.

Delivering fresh (not frozen and thawed) is largely accepted as the best nutritional source for mitigating feeding intolerances,  gut disease and dangerous necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) in preemie patients.   The NeoBottle is designed to limit or eliminate HBM exposure to air a common limitation with simple open style containers.    Air exposure to HBM inside common breastmilk bottles contributes to the oxidation of milk lipids causing spoilage and increased exposure to air bacteria increasing the rate of colonization.   The NeoBottle with its unique moveable floor technology allows for air to be removed from the NeoBottle increasing the useful shelf life of fresh HBM for up to 96 hours.*

The all-in-one solution to simplify the 1) collection, 2) storage and 3) delivery of expressed breast milk eliminate the need to transfer precious breast milk between containers, lowering the risk of contamination and infection. For more information please visit the NeoBottle website.

Product   Code Product   Description Quantity
CSNB-CL Individually Packaged Closed System NeoBottle – Clear 100/Case
CSNB-AM Individually Packaged Closed System NeoBottle – Amber 100/Case